Sun King Warriors hit radio this summer....

Jim Donovan Sun King Warriors-Front Cover crop copy 4.jpg

We are releasing 400 of our elephants into the wild... also known as non commercial and college radio. Like most worthy undertakings, there is risk involved. 

What's the goal? That somehow, music directors at the 400 stations we sent these packages to listen to the music, that it resonates with them and they play it all summer ... and then listeners love what they hear. 

Want to help the cause?

1. Like and share us on social media.

2. If you have a favorite local listener supported, adult alternative or college radio station request us between June 13 and the end of August.

I Broke My Dad's Staple Gun...

At least 200 of these old staples are from Rusted Root posters I hung beside the The Decade and all over Oakland back in 1991.

At least 200 of these old staples are from Rusted Root posters I hung beside the The Decade and all over Oakland back in 1991.

On average, I would print 1000 posters per show and in the middle of the night, I'd hit every phone poll throughout Pittsburgh. Though this was arguably a bit over the top, my thought was that the more people saw the name, the more likely they might check us out at some point. Plus, I had nothing better to do... All I knew was that I wanted people to hear our music, because if they did, I firmly believed they would love it.

Led Zeppelin: Only the Bombastic Playlist by Jim Donovan

Yeah yeah, I know. You're probably saying to yourself, that Donovan guy is a little over the top with all the Zeppelin posts.... Well, you'd be right. I'm "one of those" fans.

I remember having this daydream as a 15 year old that Led Zeppelin would come to Pittsburgh and I was in the audience. Then all of a sudden the band's manager came out on stage and said, "Listen folks, our drummer isn't feeling well, is there anyone here who could fill in?" Of course I raised my hand and the manager said, ok dude come on, let's get you ready to play. Then I'd shake hands with Jimmy and Robert and we'd proceed to tear the roof off the Civic Arena. All the while in my bedroom, I had my headphones on and air-drummed like a fiend to song after song- sweating my ass off and loving every minute of it. Every once in a while, my mom would check on me and see what was going on, though when she saw me, she'd give me a knowing smile and let me be. This was how I learned to play the drums. Imagination, the air, pillows, and Led Zeppelin. Little did I know that ten years later I would actually shake Jimmy and Robert's hands on the first day of Rusted Root's 1995 tour with them. It seems that focused imagination is a powerful force. The songs in this playlist are my go-to songs for air drumming.