Sun King Warriors-Debut Album on CD

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Sun King Warriors-Debut Album on CD

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After an 11 year hiatus, and two brushes with death,  former Rusted Root founding member Jim Donovan roars back with a new album & band called Sun King Warriors.  The music is best described as sing-along  groove rock, blended with rootsy acoustic goodness  + two tons of drums. Think Led Zeppelin III & IV mixed with Rusted Root’s “When I Woke” era positivity & rhythmic intensity topped off with authentic vocal emotion ala' Michael Franti.

1. Blend Into You  3:22

2. I'm Doing Fine 3:52

3. Oolalala 3:47

4. March of the Sun King Warriors 1:27

5. You Got to Believe It 5:09

6. Love On Me 5:04

7. Can't Stop Falling 3:43

8. Right in Front of Me 4:43

9. The One You're Growing Into 2:21

10. The Sunshine  3:26

Groove-rock, Americana and two tons of drums from former founding member of Rusted Root (Send Me On My Way).

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