Autographed Vinyl: We See Through it

Vinyl Album Cover MOCK UP.jpg
Vinyl Album Cover MOCK UP.jpg

Autographed Vinyl: We See Through it

19.97 35.00

NOW AVAILABLE! This is a limited run  12" disc on 145 gram vinyl.

Side 1

The Last Dance 2:59

You Are My Everything 3:30

We See Through It 3:37

You In My Arms 3:12

We Have Arrived 4:08


Side 2

Ahh, Can You Feel It? 5:03

Hey! Let It Be 3:48

Long Lost Friend 4:25

Love Is Right 4:49

Elephants In The Room 3:25


If you are crazy for music with a message of truth wrapped in the big vintage rock sounds of Led Zeppelin, the emotion and melody stylings of Mumford & Sons, soaring harmonies and tons of barreling tribal drums – then this might be your new favorite album. In addition to the band, we've got a whole crew of great friends and family who contributed to this disc including my children Tupelo, Ella and Oliver and my former Rusted Root band mates Jenn Wertz and Liz Berlin.

"We See Through it" celebrates the truth and all those who hold themselves to the highest standards. The music is dedicated to all who work every day to become better people... who refuse to be separated from their neighbors and families due to differing beliefs.. and who lend a hand to those in need.

The songs are an invitation to consider the idea that you and I are not separate. That our words, thoughts and actions have a real effect on the people around us... and that together we can do a lot of good.

The Sun King Warriors recognize that the connective power of music is a powerful point of commonality between people. Though our society is experiencing division, we know there is still common ground in music. Our aim to to provide a soundtrack that brings people together.

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